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Hayes Beth A.
Chambers Justin H.
Harrell Bob A.
Upchurch Tracey P.
Knowles Renee N.
Frederick Alvin R.
Beatty Ashley E.
Nance Jacqueline A.
Ellis Sue L.
McMahon Betsy C.
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Hear and Play: The Gift of Playing the Piano by Ear Have you ever heard a really nice song that got you so captivated that you just wish you can play it in the piano right away? Playing the piano by ear appears to be a gift, a talent of hearing music once or twice, and then once you have your hands on the keys, the magic begins. As easy as it may sound, hearing the music and playing it at once is not just pure genius. It requires a little background and familiarity with the piano scale and some piano lessons. Some people may not be able to read sheet music but knows the sound of each keys. That is the key to hearing and playing music. But others are born artists of piano. Surely, it would be great that even without music sheets, one can play music beautifully and can share his or her ow...Continue reading Hear and Play: The Gift of Playing the Piano by Ear

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