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Hayes Beth A.
Chambers Justin H.
Harrell Bob A.
Upchurch Tracey P.
Knowles Renee N.
Frederick Alvin R.
Beatty Ashley E.
Nance Jacqueline A.
Ellis Sue L.
McMahon Betsy C.
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The Basics of Playing Piano and Reading Sheet Music For beginners, musical sheets may look really foreign, with all the notes and symbols printed in it. And for those without musical background to start with, it may seem all overwhelming. The good thing is, there are lots of ways to start understanding music notes from tutorial videos to reading how to articles like this one. A first step is finding sites with quality free sheet music for piano for popular songs. Let me walk you through the basics of reading music sheets. The first step is to familiarize yourself with the staff. The staff is composed of horizontal lines where the notes and the symbols are usually written there are also the vertical lines called the bar which divides the staff into sections. The space between the bars are ...Continue reading The Basics of Playing Piano and Reading Sheet Music

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